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How to use the Clinical Setup App for Android

How to use the Monitor App for Android

How mount the Wrist Unit  with pulse oximeter and actimeter

How to Import Torso Data

How to Import AG200 Data

How to install the Catheter

Version 5.1 Torso Firmware

New Torso Units have the following new features as per version 5.1 of the firmware:

  • Catheter parameters were sometimes incorrect resulting in a warning during data import. This has been fixed.
  • The green light (blinking status light) can be irritating and disturbing at night (in the dark). From now on, a switch is enabled 5 minutes after the acquisition has started and is triggered once the Torso unit is horizontal (which means that the patient lies down). When the switch is triggered, all lights are turned off.

During 2016 we offer free firmware upgrades to existing cutomers, but the Torso unit has to be shipped to Spiro Medical in Bergen.