ApneaGraph® Spiro

ApneaGraph® Spiro (patent pending) is a new system for accurate, efficient, reliable and automated diagnosis of Sleep Related Breathing Disorder (SRBD, SDB, OSA, OSAS, OSAHS, RERA).

  • Complete SRBD diagnosis with measuring of the Respiratory Distress Index (RDI), where SRBD = RDI = AHI + RERA, according to the newly upgraded international definitions (AASM 2007, 2014).
  • Using the recommended Gold Standard, Oesophageal Pressure, for determination of Respiratory Effort (RE) and increased RE leading to Arousals (RERA époques).
  • Based on entirely new, cost effective and better micro pressure sensor technology and revolutionary disposable/limited use catheters.
  • Correctly defining the Respiratory Effort Related Arousals (RERA) without using PSG (no EEG leads).
  • Software for automatic analysis, reporting and data storage.
  • Operation of the unit is completely autonomous without any need for intervention by the patient.
  • Store recordings from the micro-pressure transducer catheter sensors as well as from sensors for; body position, snoring, sleep/awake, pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation.
  • Preoperatively Finding the Site of Pharyngeal Obstruction during whole night recordings.
  • For young children, the use of a catheter is not always possible. In this case, we offer respiration belt monitoring for RE determination and flow detection using a nasal cannula.
  • Easy and Cost Effective use for whole night recordings in hospital as well as when sleeping at home.
  • The ApneaGraph® Spiro can be monitored online via radio link.

The Device

Easy to set up. Well tolerated. No disturbance of sleep. No patient interaction.

Gives Site of Obstruction. Sleep at Home or in Clinic.

How to set up


  • Torso Unit

  • Catheter

  • Neck Unit

  • Wrist Unit

  • SpO2 Sensor - reusable

  • SpO2 Sensor - disposable

  • Battery

  • Battery Charger


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