ApneaGraph® Spiro

The New ApneaGraph® Spiro (patent pending) provides the clinician with the diagnostic information to identify the optimum treatment pathway, e.g. CPAP, Surgical Procedures or Mandibular Advancement.


  • Using the recommended Gold Standard, Oesophageal Pressure, for determination of Respiratory Effort (RE) and increased RE leading to Arousals and RERA diagnosis.

  • Revolutionary, small, easily tolerated catheter with micro pressure-sensor technology.

  • Validated against standard polysomnography (PSG).

  • Guidance to all treatment modalities, including pre-operative evaluation of site of obstruction to help improve patient treatment outcomes.

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White paper 001. Differences between the ApneaGraph Spiro and the old AG200 English

The Device

Easy to set up. Well tolerated. No disturbance of sleep. No patient interaction.

Gives Site of Obstruction. Sleep at Home or in Clinic.

How to set up

Why is ApneaGraph Spiro different to other ambulatory polygraphic systems (Type III) on the market?

Typical polygraphic systems currently on the market were developed for the needs of the respiratory sleep medicine specialists, to establish the required treatment, which in the respiratory medicine department is typically CPAP therapy (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure).

ApneaGraph Spiro is an ambulatory polygraphic system developed for the specific needs and the requirements for all treatment options available to the clinician, many requiring information on the site of obstruction, for example mandibular advancement, or surgical procedures.

The ApneaGraph® provides information on:

  1. Identification of site of obstructions during sleep
  2. Differentiation of SRBD, Detection of Central Respiratory Events
  3. Severity of SRBD
  4. Identification of Upper Airway resistance (UARS)/ Snoring and site of resistance/ snoring.
  5. Occurrence of obstructions in specific body positions, most frequently during supine sleep. 


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